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Our mission is to promote growth and change by empowering economically challenged, high-risk, or special needs preschool children and their families to better succeed in life.

We have 13 centers on Maui, 2 on Moloka’i, and a partnership on Lana’i; and offer both full and part-day center options. Services include health, oral health, nutrition, social, early childhood education, special needs (coordinated with the Department of Education), family involvement & training, and mental health & transition.

Parents are highly involved in shared decision making within the program, including curriculum, program development and individualized goals for their child. We regard parents as their child’s first teacher and work in close partnership with the family.

Parent Quotes
Kahekili Terrace ... In my opinion, it is very important that the parent(s) get very involved with their child(s) education. It will not only benefit the child but the parent(s). You will know what your child is doing in class and where your child may or may not need help in!!   I love the communication regarding my child. When he has off days, and when he’s having great days. How well he’s doing, his learning progresses as well as if he has struggles. I just really feel like MEO Head Start is a family away from home.

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